Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair ! Race Inspector uses advanced statistical analysis to rate the best UK & Irish horses to profit on Betfair.Use exclusively on Betfair with no need for bookie accounts ever ! WATCH THOSE BETFAIR PROFITS GROW !

Design Simplicity

Just log on to see the software has done all the analysis for you and rated the best horses of the day.This just leaves the simple act of placing the bets and profiting to you. It doesn't get any simpler than this !

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The Race Inspector System

With a sophisticated statistical analysis to rate the best horses to run well enough in the race to make a profit, together with a very clever yet simple staking plan to minmise any loses, you can finally see those Betfair accounts make steady growth!

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Sky Rocket your profits !

With an approach to risk that is proportionate to the chance of the horse running well, you can tailor your stakes to that level of risk, and watch your profits soar! Say goodbye to those losing Betfair account figures and watch a steady upward trend instead!

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No recurring subscription!

No recurring payments or automatic renewal of subscriptions to be tied to, try us and if you feel its not for you then you can cancel anytime!

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Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair !


Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair !

Fed up with your Bookie accounts being restricted to pennies or closed altogether ?
If this sounds like a familiar story then never worry about this again as Race Inspector can be used exclusively on Betfair who will never close or restrict your account just for winning !
The Race Inspector is a web based Horse racing software to use on Betfair that uses advanced statistical analysis to rate the best horses in UK & Irish races, allowing you to back these with confidence on Betfair and lay them off for profit regardless of the outcome!
If you need some profits like these below & want to repeat this multiple times throughout the day then you should join the Race Inspector revolution today !


Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair !
£6.53 profit for 5 mins work !


astroland betfair winnings
Or how about this one for £7.54 profit  at Doncaster ?
margarets mission frtpg
All for a £25 stake with a low risk system that has stake protection at the heart of the system.
Although these horses won the race you should remember that with Race Inspector there is No need to find winners to be a winner !


So, if you are looking for something a little different , that’s low risk inherent to its system that will give you more wins that losses, then Race Inspector may just be for you.Its designed as a slow burner to profits with the emphasis on profiting from 25%-35% of your stake with every bet and not looking for the big wins that are often wiped out by the much more frequent loses of traditional betting.


Subscriptions cost just 33p per day, so there is really no excuse not to give us a try !




Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair !

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Fill in your details today and let us show you how easy it is to make profits on Betfair!

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