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frequently asked questions around Race Inspector

You will find below some of the most frequently asked questions around Race Inspector.Should you require any further information you can contact us on :


  •  Q  Can anyone use Race Inspector or do you require extensive knowledge of horse racing ?
  • A  Yes, anyone can use the service as the ratings are all worked out for you.This just leaves some comparative analysis for you to make between the best 2 or 3 rated horses before you make your selection.Its very easy once you understand what to look for and of course its all covered in the user manual.
  • Q Are there specific rules or criteria for the selections?
  • A Yes, there are some criteria which should be adhered to before making your selection.Its not just about looking at the best rated horse of the race as while this may be be best rated, it may not be the best value or suitedto our strategy.
  • Q So what is the strategy then ?
  • A Well, without giving too much away, its a simple yet clever low risk strategy that, using advanced statistical analysis, identifies horses that have a chance of running reasonably well in a given race.Thats all ! There is no need for the horse to be placed, come second or win ! The horse just needs to run ok at some point in the race and this coupled with a simple, yet clever ,staking plan makes Race Inspector a LOW RISK/MEDIUM REWARD system that provides more winning trades than losing trades with a strong emphasis on stake protection at the heart of the system.The system aims to make between 25%-35% of your stake in every race there is a valid bet.
  • Q Does it involve backing short priced favourites ?
  • A Definitely not.There is absolutely no value there and it doesn’t fit what the strategy is attempting to exploit.Some horses in excess of 20/1 odds can be backed if the software rates them and your comparative analysis supports this.So no common punter blindly ” back the favourite” approach here.
  • Q Do I need to use bookies or can I use Betfair ?
  • A Its deigned for Betfair though you can use bookies also if you wish.If so then BOG bookies are recommended.
  • Q When are the back bets placed ?
  • A This has to be one of the most difficult decisions to make.Should you take an early price or wait to closer to the off.Test results have shown a favouring to waiting to as close to the off as possible ie, 1 – 3 minutes.
  • Q How much of a bank will I need ?
  • A You can start with as little as you like or as much as you like.It depends on how comfortable you are with risk.Although we use a system with risk minimisation at the heart of it,it is still gambling and therefore an element of risk is inherent in any form of gambling.We have simply minimised this risk as far as possible to the risk/reward involved.
  • Q Do you offer any customer support ?
  • A Of course we do and you can expect to have a response within 12-24 hours.
  • Q Will I win every bet with Race Inspector ?
  • A No, of course not as it is impossible to win EVERY bet you place.Anyone who suggests otherwise is offering false advice.What we can say is that if you follow the system completely and make your selections based on our criteria then you will have many morewinning trades than losing ones.And by limiting any loses you will profit over the longer term.This is the essence of the low risk/medium reward approach.
  • Q What is the strike rate of winning horses ?
  • A We don’t care is the quick answer to that! Its not about finding winners, its about finding horses that will run well enough to profit from their running ability on Betfair.
  • Q Do I need any special software ?
  • A No, all bets can be placed using the regular Betfair interface.However we do recommend you use a trading software for the simple reason they all have a “green up ” function which can be very useful if you decide to take a smaller profit if the horse does not run as well as expected or to minimse any losses.Bet Angel is perfect and they have a free version also!
  • Q Do I need to watch the race?
  • A No, again however we advise you to keep an eye on the race for the above reasons and to be able to react and minmise any loss.Stake protection is at the heart of the system and by minmising any loss we can maximise our profits.
  • Q Am I committed to recurring subscriptions ?
  • A No recurring payments or automatic renewal of subscriptions ever !The beauty of  never being tied to rolling subscriptions is you don’t need to worry about having to cancel anything if you are going away or simply don’t have time anymore.The current subscription will simply expire and no further charges will be taken from your paypal account. To activate your subscription again simply purchase another new subscription from the purchase page !
  • Q Can I purchase the service without a subscription?
  • A Yes, there are limited lifetime licence keys that you can purchase for a one time, very reasonable payment.
  • Q Is there a limitation on memberships ?
  • A Yes, there are due to liquidity reasons and the need to protect this for members.
  • Q I have other questions not answered here, can you advise please?
  • A Of course, simply email





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