Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair ! Race Inspector uses advanced statistical analysis to rate the best UK & Irish horses to profit on Betfair.Use exclusively on Betfair with no need for bookie accounts ever ! WATCH THOSE BETFAIR PROFITS GROW !

No need to find winners to be a winner !

 No need to find winners to be a winner!

When you subscribe for as little as 33p per day you are automatically  given  your unique username & password combination to access the Race Inspector service,even if its 3am.

Then it really is as simple as logging on to see that the software has done all of the hard work for you.You will instantly see the best rated horses of the day that, through our extensive statistical analysis & filtering, are expected to run well enough to make a back/lay profit on Betfair.

Some of the key features of the service include :
  • Simple, yet intuitive interface with only the critical information needed to allow you to make a decision on which horse to back in  the given race.


No need to find winners to be a winner !

  • No complicated data to make sense of just a straightforward rating &  punter style horse performance data for those who like the reassurance of checking form statistics to back up their selections.Its all there in the one place.


No need to find winners to be a winner !


  •  The all important, unique to Race Inspector, COGMIR rating.Using a traffic light system to highlight those best COGMIR rated horses in GREEN , the next best in AMBER and finally the least rated of all in RED.This is an excellent visual tool to see quickly those horses that have been rated by the software.
  •  Inspect tool : This little feature is crucial to allow you to make a comparative analysis of all the horses in the race.This is an integral part of the selection process that, used with the COGMIR rating, will assist in making  the best selections for the system.


No need to find winners to be a winner !



  •  Multiple filtering: This allows the user to filter by COGMIR rating,Time, Course, and Horse, in ascending or descending order.





  • Links : Quick links to Betfair and to check on the all important going changes can be accessed easily & quickly.





 With all the analysis and filtering done for you bythe software, its just a case of  making your selection and placing your bets using our clever low risk/medium reward staking strategy to protect your bank and grow those Betfair profits !


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Fill in your details today and let us show you how easy it is to make profits on Betfair!

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