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The Blue Horse: As recommended by The Race Inspector !


The blue horse symbol highlights a horse the RaceInspector has found whose recent running style is likely to suggest it will start the race well, and therefore its odds will shorten slightly ( those shortening of odds depend of course on how well it starts the race).

This is helpful as it allows a decent chance of the first lay bet being matched as early in the race as possible, thus securing a no lose position early on.

This blue horse indicator if matched with a high rated COGMIR horse can often prove to be a potent combination of running well early, and running well enough thereafter in th erace to secure the second lay bet, and profit for the trade.

So, the most effecient interpretation of the blue horse rating symbol is :

  • Consider the blue horse as a helpful indicator that the designated horse will have a decent chance of starting the race well.
  • If so, the odds of the horse should shorten in price early in the race and allow for the first lay bet to be matched.
  • Consider seriously any trade with a green or amber which is also given a blue horse rating as this combination can often prove to be a good starter and decent prediction of running well enough further into the race, thus securing the second lay bet for a successful trade.
  • Mid table horses with a blue horse symbol are also worthy of consideration if their comparative analysis suggests they are likely to run well in the race using the basic stats guide as support in this view.
  • Caution is advised with any horse rated bottom of the table ( highlighted red) as whilst the horse may start well, its unlikely to run well enough in the race to secure two successful lay bets.These horses can however start well and be used to match only the first lay bet which the green profit on this can be spread equally throughout the other runners for a smaller profit, using a trading software’s ‘green up’ feature.


Heres an example called Maggie Blue running at Cartmel on 28th May 2016:

maggie blue raceinspector

This horse was rated second and is recommended to start the race well as shown by the blue horse symbol ( and it did ).It ran that well it won the race as can be shown below from the Betfair result:


maggie blue betfair winner

 Remember to watch out for the Blue Horse !


blue horse grey back


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