Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair ! Race Inspector uses advanced statistical analysis to rate the best UK & Irish horses to profit on Betfair.Use exclusively on Betfair with no need for bookie accounts ever ! WATCH THOSE BETFAIR PROFITS GROW !

Race Inspector screenshots

Race inspector Screenshots


You can view some Race Inspector screenshots below :


When you subscribe to the service , your unique access details will open up the following page on the Race Inspector site :


Race Inspector screenshots

The Horse Information box for basic information relating to recent form, performance statistics specific to the horse, jockey and trainer and some pace data presented in a punter style format  that’s easy to read and understand.

Race Inspector screenshots

A screenshot showing the inspection tool & the COGMIR rating of each horse in the specified race to allow comparative analysis to inform your decision making on the best selections for the system.In the example below Baraboy was withdrawn leaving Sandgate & Testa Rossa next best rated.Using the inspection tool we were able to eliminate Sandgate as it did not meet our criteria and this left Testa Rossa who ticked most of the boxes.Remember we did not need it to win the race, just run well enough to allow us to profit from its running performance in play.It did in fact win the race though our profit was secured well before it crossed the finishing line!

 testa admin

 The result !

testa rossa race inspector

And our profit on Betfair from a £20 stake

 testa rossa race inspector betfair

And another from Race Inspectors Inspection tool, this time the horse is called Magaret’s Mission :

maragerts mission inspection tool race inspectorWith this example we were able to make around 30% of our stake.Here’s how the betting order looked on Betfair with Sharqueyih being the favourite though Race Inspector did not rate it nearly as high as Margaret’s Mission.

margarets mission race inspectorAnd the result shows a win for Margaret’s Mission, though we don’t care as we win as long as our in play bets are matched as expected.

Remember : No need to find winners to be a winner with Race Inspector !


This one was a horse called Who Dares Wins running at Sandown , 2.55pm on 23/07/15.Race Inspector highlights its COGMIR rating as higher than the favourite, Secateur and the rest of the  competition :


who dares admin

Here is a £ 6.77  profit from the race,with the horse running well as expected and even winning , though again this wasn’t required to secure our profit.This was from a £25 stake :

who dares screenshot from betfairr





To learn more about Race Inspector you can look around our FAQ’s section.

To come on board you can do so HERE !

race inspector no need to find winners2


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