Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair ! Race Inspector uses advanced statistical analysis to rate the best UK & Irish horses to profit on Betfair.Use exclusively on Betfair with no need for bookie accounts ever ! WATCH THOSE BETFAIR PROFITS GROW !


sky rocket profits with reaceinspector


With Raceinspector its about backing only those horses who are deemed to have a decent chance of running well and therefore a decent chance of their odds dropping in running to allow  us to “green up” on Betfair for a guaranteed profit, regardless of the winner of the race.This is achieved by the software identifying such horses through deep analysis of  pertinent historical factors, current data available for each horse and both static and dynamic criterion.From this there is a rating of  each horses chance of their odds shortening during in running.This approach ( which is likened to Dobbing) allows for consistent profits to build your betting bank and give you growth that, whilst it may not rocket your bank like in the picture above, it will send it steadily in an upward trend.The concept is a low risk/ medium reward which is proportionate to the risk level taken .If you are looking for a get rich quick type of system I am afraid you have come to the wrong place ! On the other hand if you want a system that will give you carefully selected horses to target during in running, that’s  low risk and gives regular profits then WELCOME TO RACE INSPECTOR!















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