Horse racing ratings software to use on Betfair ! Race Inspector uses advanced statistical analysis to rate the best UK & Irish horses to profit on Betfair.Use exclusively on Betfair with no need for bookie accounts ever ! WATCH THOSE BETFAIR PROFITS GROW !

No need to find winners to be a winner

The System : No need to find winners to be a winner !


So, what makes Race Inspector different from the other horse racing analysis software  out there ? Well, firstly and probably most importantly, it doesn’t set out with an incredibly difficult task in the beginning by trying to predict the winner of a race like the others do ( and generally fail). Race Inspector has a very different and unique perspective.What we will say from the outset is that there are no guaranteed systems ( other than mathematical certainties such as  arbitrage) despite what some system sellers will tell you, of winning EVERY time. That is simply not possible.Race Inspector is no different in this regard.And thus, this has to be the starting point for anyone wishing to make regular money from horse racing. This acceptance ( which can be difficult for some to embrace )was indeed also our starting point in developing Race Inspector.Where it is entirely different is what it sets out to achieve is a HUGELY EASIER task than trying to find those elusive winners.So, in order to explain what Race Inspector does, it may be helpful for the reader of this to understand exactly what it DOES NOT do!

Race Inspector is NOT software :
  • that will try to predict winners in every race X


  • that tries to find winning horses at huge outside odds that will win at 100/1 X


  • that uses tips from any tipping service that upwards of 8o% generally fail to find regular winners X


  • that uses trading indicators like weight of money, charts, resistance points etc to try to predict price movements to find that when you place your bet the price moves in the opposite direction to what you expected, and forces you to exit the trade in losing position X


  • that promises to make you hundreds of pounds every day  X


  • any other commonplace , heard- it- all- before strategy that doesn’t work in the long term X

No, with Race Inspector there is :

No need to find winners to be a winner !


 no need tobe a winner

Our mission statement is simple.It sets out only to identify horses that have a chance of running reasonably well in a given race.Thats all ! There is no need for the horse to be placed, come second or win ! Just run ok at some point in the race and this coupled with a simple, yet clever ,staking plan makes Race Inspector a LOW RISK/MEDIUM REWARD system that provides more winning trades than losing trades with a strong emphasis on stake protection at the heart of the system.The system aims to make between 25% – 35% of your stake in every race there is a valid bet.

So what is exactly is Race Inspector then ?

Well, its a web based Horse racing software that uses advanced statistical analysis to rate the best horses in UK & Irish races, allowing you to back these with confidence on Betfair and lay them off for profit regardless of the outcome!

How does Race Inspector rate these horses ?

This is the essence of the system and what makes it different from the rest.It doesn’t just look at form and other basic statistics you can find anywhere on the internet, it uses very specific criterion from a variety of our databases and carefully selected filters to calculate a rating of the horses chances of running well enough for their odds to shorten in running tomake a profit (known as the COGMIR rating).These results are then displayed for the user to view and using a traffic light system shows at a a quick glance the highest rated horses of the day. Please note that these are the highest rated horses to run reasonably well in the race, therefore shorten in price enough for us lay them off, NOT TO WIN THE RACE.This then leaves the placing of bets which can be done at either bookie or Betfair, although of course an exchange like Betfair is essential for the lay bets to be placed.The software will save you countless hours manually reading race cards, searching databases for form information, historical data et al, then trying to arrive at a conclusion as to which horse has a chance of running reasonably well in the race. The software is designed to do all the hard work for you and show you the best possible betting opportunities with the highest rated COGMIR  rating that predicts a horses chances of running reasonably well in a race, and its odds in running subsequently shortening. This is where the software comes into its own and allow bettors to lock in a profit regardless of whether the horse goes on to win or doesn’t. It has been likened to Dobbing and in many ways it is, though it doesn’t have the rigid staking and shortening of odds required to Dob, instead it offers a much more flexible approach to laying identified horses to make a profit, which is proportionate to the chances of the horses odds shortening.

No need for any bespoke trading software

There is no betting facility within the web service itself, its just a straightforward case of logging onto Betfair and placing both back and lay bets manually as normal.If you really want to use some form of trading software, then we would recommend the industry leading Bet Angel to place your bets with that.

COGMIR stands for the Chance Of Getting Matched In Running.

So, if you are looking for something a little different , that’s low risk inherent to its system that will give you more wins that loses, then Race Inspector may just be for you.Its designed as a slow burner to profits with the emphasis on profiting from 25%-35% of your stake with every bet and not looking for the big wins that are often wiped out by the much more frequent loses of traditional betting.

If you like what you have heard so far then give your betting a transformation and start profiting with those Betfair accounts!

Come inside and join the Race Inspector revolution today !

No need to find winners to be a winner





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